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      Some of Western Canada’s most enduring legends involve wilderness fugitives like the Mad Trapper of Rat River or Gunanoot of the Skeena. This book is about one of the most mysterious and most recent fugitives, the Bushman of the Shuswap.
      The Bushman's Lair
      Paul McKendrick
      Paperback | Apr 2021
      11 in store $22.95
      Meghan J Ward
      The Wonders That I Find
      Wonders That I Find, the (pb)
      Meghan J Ward
      Paperback | May 2021
      11 in store $15.00
      One educator’s story detailing a cross-Canada run to inspire students and teachers to get outside and experience the benefits and beauty of nature.
      Take Me Outside
      Colin Harris
      Paperback | Apr 2021
      14 in store $22.00
      Kevin Van Tighem
      A timely collection of provocative, personal, and thoughtful essays for an Alberta in transition.
      Wild Roses Are Worth it
      Kevin Van Tighem
      Paperback | Mar 2021
      8 in store $22.00
      New Release !
      In Store Now 

      We are proud to have Ryan's book in the store, the result of Ryan’s remarkable dedication is an unparalleled collection of ten ambitious, multi-day routes complete with directional cues, detailed maps, a helpful Bikepacking 101 section.
      Bikepacking in the Canadian Rockies
      Ryan Correy
      Paperback | May 2019
      9 in store $25.00
      Recounts some of the most dangerous feats in mountaineering history with insights into the human attraction to danger and suffering
      Winter 8000
      Bernadette McDonald
      Paperback | Sep 2020
      2 in store $31.95
      A thrilling new telling of the story of modern Canada's origins.
      The Company
      Stephen Bown
      Hardcover | Oct 2020
      1 in store $37.00
      With the state of global ice constantly in the news, one mountain journalist examines Canadian glaciers to uncover their secrets and their future.
      Stories of Ice
      Lynn Martel
      Paperback | Oct 2020
      3 in store $40.00
      Canmore Author and internationally bestselling author of Wolf Winter releases her new book Historians
      The Historians
      Cecilia Ekback
      Paperback | Nov 2020
      4 in store (bargain) $12.99
      6 in store (regular) $22.99
      New Release - Local Author - Signed Copies
      Excited to have the new memior of Mary Tidlund. Signed Copies in store !


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